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Fencing and Decking in Milton Keynes

Are you looking for fencing and decking in Milton Keynes? M D Fencing & Decking are the leading contractors of wooden fencing in the area. We are proud specialists of timber garden fences of all types.

We have worked with homes of all sizes and layouts to provide you with a personal, bespoke fencing solution for your property.

Our central location in the heart of Milton Keynes allows us to serve across the town and its surrounding areas. During the initial consultation we will listen to your requirements and provide expert guidance in the best solution for your home. We are more than happy to provide a free, no-obligation quote to suit your budget.

Garden Fencing Milton Keynes

If you are looking for a reliable garden fencing specialist in the Milton Keynes area, look no further than M D Fencing & Decking. We are well-established in the local community, having installed countless fences throughout Milton Keynes. All of our fence panels are made bespoke to order to ensure a secure fit.

closeboard garden fencing feather edge garden fencing

There are different styles of garden fences available, each suitable for various applications. For example, a close-board timber garden fence is ideal to protect the privacy in your back garden. Taller fences, up to 7ft in height, is ideal for establishing boundaries between neighbouring properties. We can also provide bespoke shorter picket fences to add a touch of class in the front garden. 

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tall closeboard garden fence
traditional horizontal fencing straight closeboard fencing picket palisade fencing

Garden Fencing Ideas

M D Fencing & Decking are here to help you with your garden fencing ideas. We have many years experience offering fencing supplies and installation.

There are various types of wooden fencing to choose from, depending on your requirements and preference. Over the years M D Fencing & Decking have had experience in installing all types and styles of wooden fencing. We will always recommend the style most suitable for your garden, even if it's not the most expensive option. Timber fence panels can be made from a variety of wood, depending on the desired aesthetics and and grade. Here are some of the most popular garden fence styles you'll find:

Horizontal Fencing: Also known as Traditional fence panels, they are one of the most popular fencing styles in domestic homes. The boards are slightly overlapped to create a feather-like effect. They are ideal for protecting your privacy in your back garden. Usually supplied in fixed size panels and slotted between concrete fence posts. 

Feather-Edge Fencing: Commonly referred to as Close-board fencing, they are more robust than the traditional fencing. The uniform and secure nature of a close-board fencing makes it ideal as an external security fence. They can constructed up to 7ft in height and designed to match timber driveway gates for an extra layer of security.

Picket Fencing: Generally shorter in height, they are commonly found in front gardens to add a touch of style. They can be referred to as palisade fences and are ideal for keeping young children safe within the boundaries of the property. 

Lattice/Weave Fencing: They are highly decorative and generally used for establishing boundary. Usually the lattice/weave patterns is only used at the top of a traditional timber fence. If you value privacy, you may want to consider other styles as the lattice nature of the fence means you are able to see through at least part of it.

Timber Picket Fencing

Traditional timber picket fencing are ideal for establishing boundaries of your property. There are various design of picket fences available and we can recommend which style would be best for the layout and design of your garden. They are sometimes referred to as palisade fencing and helps to add a touch of elegance to your home. 

We can provide a painted or natural finish on your timber picket fence, and use a varnish to protect the wood against rotting. Unlike close-board or horizontal fencing, they are not recommend for protecting your privacy as they're generally only around 3ft high. They are however, an excellent way to protect the safety of young children and family pets.

Fencing Supplies and Installation

M D Fencing & Decking is your local experts in fencing supplies and installation. We are your one-stop solution when it comes to timber garden fencing, decking and soft landscaping. 

We can help transform your garden by replacing old, tired timber fence panels with the most suitable style to complement the layout of your garden and balance your requirements.  If required, we can install decking to add a touch of style and practicality to your garden. 

As a small independent business, customer service is at the heart of our service. Our friendly staff are always on hand to answer any questions you may have and provide professional guidance and advice when you need it. We will provide as much information as necessarily so you can make an informed decision about your garden. Our reliable service is highly commended and many customers have no hesitation in recommending us to a friend or family.

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Fencing, Decking and Soft Landscaping

M D Fencing & Decking offer a comprehensive range of fencing, decking and soft landscaping services including flat and raised flowerbeds. We will always provide a free, no-obligation quote at a competitive rate to suit your budget. You can expect no less than top quality work from your local specialists. We can remove your old fence panels and recycle them responsibly. 

We have an excellent working relationship with our suppliers, using only sustainably sourced timber for new fencing and decking installations.

Unfortunately, we do not offer hard landscaping services. However, we can design and install flat or raised decking to drastically change the atmosphere of the garden. In addition to the above mention, we can also design and install bespoke timber gates to suit your specification. they are ideal as an extra layer of security.

Timber Panel Fencing

If you are looking for an inexpensive and quick way to bring a fresh look to your garden, replacing your garden fence is a guaranteed way to impress your guests. We can supply and fit timber panel fencing bespoke to you. If you have an idea of how you'd like your garden to look with new decking and fencing, give us a call at 01908 668966 and we can help turn it into reality.

We can provide a one-stop solution for your fencing and decking needs. Our specialist consultant will be more than happy to provide a bespoke, no-obligation quote and recommend the most suitable style and material to your specifications. We can also repair any damaged or broken fencing due to weather or accidents. 

completed garden fence and decking

Wooden Garden Gates and Fencing Supplies

M D Fencing & Decking offer wooden garden gates and fencing supplies and installation in Milton Keynes. We have full manufacturing facilities, which means we can design and manufacture bespoke gates in Milton Keynes. Timber driveway gates are an excellent way to protect your property and deter unwanted visitors. Because our gates are made to your specification, you can be sure that they'll be a secure fit for your property. 

We can provide a timber gate to suit the size of your property, from a small side entrance gate to spanning the entire driveway. If required, we can design an unequally split gate to allow pedestrian access which still controlling vehicular access. We can design matching fences to the design of your gate to provide a complete solution.

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